Getting Ready to Roll

Palmer at the Wheel

Somehow, I don’t think this is working.

I am officially on the Net, typing as fast as my little paws will go…well when I am not out exploring. I have a blog or two to keep up with and I am on Facebook as well. Maybe Twitter and Instagram are next? I have been studying maps and weather reports, and I even got myself some sunglasses. Yes, I am definitely ready to roll!!

There is a bit of an issue though. Tire pressure? Check. Nice clean windshield? Check. Gas in the tank? Check. Seat belt fastened and secure? Check. Paws on the wheel and feet on the floor. Okay, we have a bit of an issue. I cannot reach the pedals and we are not going to get really good photos from the driveway. It is time to enlist the help of my buddy.

The Driver

That is Driver. He is a little shy.

This is Driver. He uses a secret agent name cuz he does not want to be famous. He is a fun dude and can definitely reach the pedals. Guess he is not one much for pictures though. He claims it was a bad hair day, but I am not sure I believe that. What do I know? I am just a little bear. Oh well, maybe he can be like that guy Wilson on television who peeks over the fence and all you ever see is his eyes and his hat.

Cruisin in the passenger seat

That’s me in cruise mode, ready to go.

The good news is, Driver is behind the wheel and we are ready to roll. Time for the fun to begin as we set out on lots of adventures. I am ready to explore, and I hope you are ready to join me. See you on the road!