Meet Palmer

This is me busy at work…sure is nice to have the home office. I can work in bearly nothing 🙂

Hello from southern Oregon! Palmer Bear here and I am ready for some adventure. Grown-ups have lots of fun every year traveling around our beautiful country, but what about us little bears? What do you say I bring you with me and show you a little fun from our point of view? Let’s do some exploring!

I guess I should tell you a little about me. Hello, I am Palmer Bear and I was born in May 2012. I would shake your hand but well…I don’t have any thumbs. I am just a little bear who likes to tuck into little corners or ride on shoulders and travel with my human companions. You will meet them later. I was named after an awesome lady by the name of Agnes Hansen Palmer…but most of the family called her Grammy. Anyway, enough about me. What do you say we get on the road!!




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